100,000 Google Scholarships For International Students

Scholarships For International Students

This Pandemic situation has brought Positive Impact on the education system all over the world, where many universities and intitutions are adopting online courses and online scholarships.

And Google is one of them.Google gives a big opportunity for students by offering about 100,000 Fully Funded Scholarships for the session 2020/2021, to earn some extra training and get an online certificate to put a great impression on their CV.The certificate will be treated as the equilvalent of a four-year degree if you apply for a related role at Google!

The good news is that there’s no requirement of any specific degree or experience, anyone can apply!The online courses offered by Google are created by Google experts and hosted via Coursera. Students are highly encouraged to sign up for these online courses, especially throughout this pandemic situation.

Google Scholarships Details:

Host Organization: GoogleEligible.

Country: USA.

Open to: International Students.

No of Scholarships: 100,000.

Access Mode: Online.

Platform: E-Learning.

Fields and Majors offered: 

Project Management, Data Analytics, User Experience (UX) Design.

Duration: Three to six months.

Fields and Majors offered:

Data Analytics:

By definition, data analytics is the science of analyzing raw data and turning it into information. Up to $70,000 per year is the average salary of Data Analytics at the beginning, and the salary increases with time.

Project Management:

A project manager, also called project leader, is a professional in the field of project management. It is a person who has the responsibility for the planning, procurement, design, execution and controlling a project. According to Google, project managers can earn $93,000 a year.

User Experience (UX) Design:

UX design stands for “user experience design”, while UI stands for “user interface design”. UX-UI Designers are generally charged for assembling, researching, investigating and evaluating user conditions. UX designers can earn $75,000 a year according to Google.

How to apply:

To be considered for the offer, students must check the official Google Scholarship page when the application period starts.Google has a partnership with Coursera, which is a paid online platform where the courses will be hosted. Applicants should first sign up through coursera and enroll themselves. The Coursera monthly fees and the cost of certification will be covered by the Google scholarships.As we mentionned before, there is no requirement for any degree or work experience. Students must have fluency in written and spoken English and have to submit some supporting documents like a copy of national ID card.

The scholarship duration:

The duration of the Certification is 3-6 months



The need to be ready for the best  opportunities is tied to our level of growth and development as an individual. Which make Personal development a lifelong process. 

In working on yourself, you become open towards assessing skills and qualities that are not visible initially, thereby giving you the power to consider your aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise your true potential.

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