My Wish For Biase

We have successfully and graciously completed the first half of the year 2021, and to this we owe God our gratitude for his love, protection, favor and his unending flow of blessings.
As a people, its time we Forget and let go all the mistakes of the past, our set backs, our disappointments and Look forward to making the most of the remaining six months of the year 2021.

Lets become more aware of that which holds us together at heart; focusing on what we have in common; listening more and showing understanding with less judgement of each other. Rather than war and hates, let peace and dialogue be our leading watch words.
Despite all our differences, most of us share certain hopes for Biase’s future. We want a new and better Biase, where our dreams and aspirations will come true. A Biase where both human and social development leads. 

We may have different opinions or disagree, sometimes fiercely, about how to get there. But the goal is to make Biase a great Local Government.Yes, as we all know, It’s not always a smooth path in getting our dreams and hopes fulfilled. The recognition that we have a common hope and dreams means we can truly achieve the impossible.

I will implore every son and daughter of Biase, to keep away bias and hates and together contribute towards lifting our dear local government to an enviable height.
Let the Youths shun cultism, crime and everything that will jeopardize our vision of a greater Biase. Lets our Communities continue in the path of peaceful coexistence and inter communal activities that will promote love, peace, development and sustainable growth.

I am grateful and thankful for your supports and prayers so far, and i look forward to a more fulfilling days and months ahead of us.
As your leader, i will continuously do my best to attract the presence of government to our land. Ensuring that we get that which we deserve as a people.

May this new month mark a start of a greater Biase And a fresh chapter filled with peace, love, prosperity and sustainable growth to us all.
Happy new month my people, i love you all.
Hon Mrs Ada Charles.


The Executive Chairman of Biase local Government council Hon Mrs Ada Charles joined her colleagues of Yala, Bekwara, Obanliku, Obudu, Obubra, Abi and Odukpani in the joint meeting of Officials of Cross River Benue, Ebony and Abia states on the inter state boundary dispute resolution held at the National Boundary Commission (NBC).Headquarters, Abuja.

A cross section of delegates to the boundary commision

The deligation of cross River state which was aptly led by the deputy Governor of Cross River State His excellency Prof. Ivara Ejemot Esu, Are committed towards effective representation that will lead to lasting peace in Warring areas of the state.

The meeting which is aimed towards finding a lasting solution in resolving the lingering boundary dispute between Biase Communities of Erei, Ikun, Utima and her neighboring state of Ebonyi, and Abia states respectively has seen a positive head start as decision has been made to ensure peaceful coexistence among the people.

It is commendable that through the leadership of the Governor of Cross River State His excellency, Professor Ben Ayade and his Deputy Professor Ivara Ejemot Esu and the support of the executive chairman of Biase local government Area, Hon Mrs Ada Charles. A lasting solution and peace will finally returned to the affected areas in the local government.