The chairman of Biase Local Government council, Hon Mrs Ada Charles has yesterday presented the 2021 budget to the Biase legislative assembly.

Hon Mrs Ada Charles Presenting the 2021 Biase Local Government council budget to the legislative assembly.

The budget which is centered on the development and progress of the local government Council is estimated to be at the sum of 3,222,023,847.00 for the 2021 fiscal year.

Christened “Budget of Collaboration” Hon Ada Charles has elaborated the different sectors of the local government that needs reforms and also  rehabilitations.

The chairman in her presentation reiterate the needs for collaboration across different sectors of Governance to ensure effective and productive utilization and delivery of democratic dividends to the people of Biase.

In her words she has this to say…. “We have to collaborate with relevant MDAs and other critical stakeholders as well to ensure sustainable development and peace be found in the local government…..”

A Cross Section of the 7th assembly with local government Council chairman

The budget which has an opening balance of 55,176,938. 30,000,000.00 internally generated revenue, 50,000,000.00 statutory allocation from the state government, 1,300,000,000 statutory allocation from the federal government, 609,560,212.00 value added tax, excess crude oil sales will generate the council 30,000,000.00 and grants from other donors agencies 100,000,000.



Hon Mrs Ada Charles Rehabilitate and Maintain roads in the council quarters, Akpet central and Ugbem/Ukupeyire roads.

Ugbem/Ukupeyire road

The emergency response project, hopes to ameliorate the bad condition of this two access route, to meet the burgeoning demand for a comfortable drive and evening strolling by commuters and community dwellers.

Akpet central roads

To this end, the project has specifically met the maintenance needs of this roads.

Work in progress

100,000 Google Scholarships For International Students

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Fields and Majors offered:

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It is with great pleasure I extend my happiness and joy to you all on this glorious day that marks our independence day and also a beginning of a new month. 

It has been 60 years since our nation got her independence, for some of us, we may be younger, but we are a great part of this moving train. The grace that has sustain us as a nation, has proven without doubts the love God has for us. We have survived and live with the concept of “Unity in diversity” with diverse language, culture and religion, It is a prove that we have truly grown as a nation and a people. 

Yes indeed there are some setbacks ranging from corruption, poverty, ignorance and lack of jobs ; however one cannot deny that even the most powerful nations have these setbacks. It is therefore important that we take a collective efforts in rebuilding our broken walls.

Waiting and hoping on the government to do everything might not give us the desired results as hoped and prayed.
Let us strive to make our country a better and safe place by following the values and principles taught by our fathers. 

Let us spread awareness, knowledge, values and gain wisdom. Let us make this our Independence Day and new month resolution. 
If we as a local government follows these basic principles, we will grow, and gradually spread the tentacles of our new found light across and eventually it would lead to a massive revival across our country, making Nigeria great again.

I also will use this medium to wish every father /mother and also every son and daughter of Biase a happy new month and a joy filled independence day celebration. 
I love you all. 


An open opportunity for the position of United Nations resident coordinator in Nigeria is open for application.  

The Resident Coordinator system ensures the coordination of all organizations of the United Nations dealing with operational activities for development at the country level, regardless of the nature of their presence in the country.

It encompasses the UN Resident Coordinator, the UN Country Team and Resident Coordinator’s Office and is served by the UN Development Coordination Office.

In line with this General Assembly mandate, the Resident Coordinator (RC) is the highest ranking representative of the United Nations development system (UNDS) at the country level, with the responsibility to lead United Nations country teams, and ensure system-wide accountability on the ground – including through a matrixed dual reporting model – for the United Nations Cooperation Framework and coordinating UN support to countries in their implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

She/he brings to the role an appreciation of the breadth of assets of the United Nations in the service of sustaining peace.

For details more and application visit

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The need to be ready for the best  opportunities is tied to our level of growth and development as an individual. Which make Personal development a lifelong process. 

In working on yourself, you become open towards assessing skills and qualities that are not visible initially, thereby giving you the power to consider your aims in life and set goals in order to realise and maximise your true potential.

Considering the rapid change in today’s global world, becomes necessary for constant personal development. For either you change or the circumstances change you. 

Understanding that you are responsible for your own growth and progress becomes a major key factor towards reaching your altitude in life.

This knowledge, gives you a full vision of your direction in life, which means, it’s your job to initiate the steps involved in your personal development plan. If you don’t bother, no one else will. It also means you own the result and no one else is to blame.

It is my vision that those around me achieve the best and reach their goals in life. Unfortunately the decision to achieve this goals is completely tied to your personal decision and determination in life. 

There are opportunities waiting,  but are you ready for this opportunities? Are you mentally and physically ready if you are called? 

This questions and more should form the basic reasons why you should take your personal development goal as a major part of your daily goals. 

Use the comments area to share with me what you think about personal development. 


Many times the real truth is not the expression on our face, neither is it the repeated laughter we share.

Deep inside us, There’s always a burden we bare, burdens that defines our agility, productivity and credibility.

We look at the society and wonder why things are the way they are, why the sudden dwindle in the economy and rise in responsibility. Our thoughts and worries becomes a determining factor in our daily living, affecting our energy and productivity.
I want you to pause and think. Ask yourself this questions?

– What changes has my worries initiated? – How much of success have I attract worrying? – How productive am I, having a divided mind?
The problems, the challenges and the economic crisis I know they are huge and disturbing. But trust me, they become a killer machine when you allowed them share a place in your life.

When situation as the once mentioned arises,  it becomes pertinent to understand the opportunity given. It no time to cry and be saddle in self pity. It time to act and device means to go through. The best inspirations comes during crises times. The best motivation comes during challenges.  But the energy needed and required can’t be divided.  Worrying and living in self pity consumes the needed energy of winning. Be positive today, stand tall, see beyond our dwindled economy,  see beyond the hunger. See windows of unlimited possibilities. 

And let’s together live a WORRY FREE LIFE. And reduce the high percentage of hypertension, and stroke.
My prayers for you is multiple streams of overflowing blessings on your aspirations and quest.
Be happy, be unbreakable.


It is with great pleasure I welcome you to the month of September, a month that will be full of happiness and success in our personal and professional lives.
Few months ago, I became the chairman of our great local government after a successful election processes.
Before the elections I’ve reviewed the council performances and achievements both past and even at the absence of a democratic elected leader.

By my assessment and reviews, I and my team had set new objectives and priorities for our days and time in office and committed ourselves to implement them.
To this end, we’ve validated two committees and with time form new ones, with assigned specific missions and tasks to ensure effective representation that will lead to sustainable growth and development of our dear local government.

It is my Ernest desire to work towards sustaining the projects of my predecessors and also reinforce the councils ties with the state government, to bring the best of democratic governance to the people of Biase and also connect with organisations to bring about change in areas that we are found wanting.

As we wake up to a new month, we must also look back but with the knowledge that brighter days are ahead of us – that although our challenges are great, each of us has the courage and determination to rise up and meet them. That together as brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers of this great local government called Biase, can make the ultimate difference that will put our dear local government in the global map.
It is that spirit that has kept me as an individual focused and determined and it is that spirit that I believe will make all the difference and give us a head start that will make Biase great again.

Happy new month my people.


I feel greatly honoured to be invited as the Guest of Honour at this august occasion, as the world celebrates resilient entrepreneurs.
On behalf of my cabinet members and my councilors, I bring you greetings on the occasion of the world’s entrepreneurs day, with the theme “celebrating resilient entrepreneurs, winning against all odds”.

I congratulate the convener Mr Great Ogban (SA Entrepreneurship development) and urge that the effort be sustained and improved upon.
Your choice of the theme for this year’s event is apt and germane to the current efforts to strengthen entrepreneurial practices among youths as a major factor to coop unemployment and ensure sustainable growth and a more productive Nigerian economy.

A Cross section of guests during World entrepreneurs day celebration at Eyo Ita house Calabar

I am proud to be identified with this event because of its positive impact in the development of entrepreneurship globally and in our dear State.
I believe, this day being set aside to celebrate entrepreneurs globally, is aim at ensuring consistent growth and development of entrepreneurs and also create awareness for entrepreneurship, innovation and leadership around the world.
As an entrepreneur, I have over the years observed that Resilience is the key to moving through failed leadership or failed plans, or both. And it is a vital skill for every aspiring entrepreneur.

It is therefore important to celebrate an entrepreneur who climb through bumpy start-ups or sudden market changes against all odd.
Today, becomes a fantastic time to hit the reset button to hit our lives as young people, as a state and also as a country, to shift our direction away from being average and mediocre, and push harder towards entrepreneurial revolution that will boost our economy and put an end to unemployment.

Asides celebrating the resilient and dynamic nature of entrepreneurs who are committed against all odds, I implore every entrepreneur or aspiring entrepreneur to unleash his or her creative and innovative energies that lies within, to solve the basic problem of our economy.

I implore the SA entrepreneurship development Mr Great Ogban to unravel critical issues militating entrepreneurial development and come up with strategic plans that will upscale the desired growth and development of entrepreneurship in Cross River State.

It is encouraging to see His Excellency Prof Ben Ayade the Governor of Cross River State, seeking ways to ease doing business in the State. Such efforts will give businesses and investors more confidence to grow their investments here. And also his role in enhancing agricultural practices in the state is so important in further adding value in the agriculture sector that will deliver a more diverse economy, but also enhance Cross River State food security.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, I am fully convinced that entrepreneurship development will be the new face of our state sustainable development practice. I therefore appeal to all stakeholders to show commitment and support in the implementation of entrepreneurial development practices among young persons.

There is no gainsaying the fact that many businesses and aspiring businesses require funds, I urge the government to create policies and schemes that will enhance entrepreneurship development in the state.

While not pre-empting the keynote speaker, the special guest of honour and others who are here to celebrate world entrepreneurs day, it is my fervent hope that all the various facets of speeches delivered here today will be seen from the view that is aimed in promoting entrepreneurship development practices in Cross River State.

I urge every young person here, to explore creative and innovative ways of solving problems, as it is the bed rock of every entrepreneurial activity globally.
I am confident that given the array of professionals gathered here today, implementable recommendations will emerge from this year world entrepreneurs day on strategies that will strengthen entrepreneurship development in Cross River State and the world at large.

Thank you all for your kind attention.

Hon Mrs Ada Charles. Executive Chairman. Biase LGA