My Wish For Biase

October 1st, will always be remembered as a momentous day in the history of Nigeria. On this day, Nigeria gained her independence from the British after being colonized for several years. Under a new indigenous leadership, 1st October has been celebrated as Independence Day in the country since then. 

Though we are faced with challenges, setbacks and distractions,  it is important to know the history of our country’s independence, and reflects on the efforts of our heroes past.
The idea of being an independent nation, where sovereign power lies with us to determine our future, places a huge responsibility on our shoulders.

The significance of its beautiful story is that this nation has gained respect from the world for the democratic route chosen by it. We can proudly say that Nigeria have not remained the same since independence.

It is therefore our responsibility, as proud citizens of this country, to sincerely perform our duties, in other for us to progress together for the growth and development of our Local Government and our country at large. Keeping the sacrifices of our ancestors in mind, we should put in efforts, to carve a better future for our motherland and the coming generation.

As your leader, I enjoin every son and daughter of Biase, young and old to cease every opportunity to develop self and set attainable goals that will ensure sustainable growth and development to our dear Local Government.

I wish you all a happy new month and gracious independence day Celebration. 
I love you all.

My Dream For A Sustainable develop Biase, Through Agro industrial Revolution

To key into His Excellency’s Prof Sen Ben Ayade Agro industrial revolution, my administration have in collaborations with the Nigerian Association of sesame farmers, Cross River State chapter,  introduces the planting of sesame (Benne seed) to farmers in Biase. It is my adminstration goal and key objective, to set the pace in the sustainable growth and development of Biase.

Official flag off of Sesame planting season

With partnership with Nirsal national microfinance bank, we hope to support and empower farmers in Biase Local Government into agro development as a major factor in boosting the economic condition of our dear local government and at the same time eradicate poverty.

Hosting the flag off event at the Nigerian Correctional facility at Adim, I am thankful to the Cross River State comptroller of Nigerian Correctional service, and his Assistant for their patience and permission to use the facility for our flagship planting season.

I want to once again assure my Biase people of my tireless commitment to ensure, our dear local government rank first in human capacity project that will better the lives and living conditions of our people.

It is important that you key in as a farmer, to enjoy every opportunity this project will bring to Biase. The council gate is always open to attend to your enquiries.

For those who have already key in, I commend you all and also advise you take this opportunity seriously and with your collective efforts we together can transform Biase int a major exporter of agro base products.

My Wish For Biase

We have successfully and graciously completed the first half of the year 2021, and to this we owe God our gratitude for his love, protection, favor and his unending flow of blessings.
As a people, its time we Forget and let go all the mistakes of the past, our set backs, our disappointments and Look forward to making the most of the remaining six months of the year 2021.

Lets become more aware of that which holds us together at heart; focusing on what we have in common; listening more and showing understanding with less judgement of each other. Rather than war and hates, let peace and dialogue be our leading watch words.
Despite all our differences, most of us share certain hopes for Biase’s future. We want a new and better Biase, where our dreams and aspirations will come true. A Biase where both human and social development leads. 

We may have different opinions or disagree, sometimes fiercely, about how to get there. But the goal is to make Biase a great Local Government.Yes, as we all know, It’s not always a smooth path in getting our dreams and hopes fulfilled. The recognition that we have a common hope and dreams means we can truly achieve the impossible.

I will implore every son and daughter of Biase, to keep away bias and hates and together contribute towards lifting our dear local government to an enviable height.
Let the Youths shun cultism, crime and everything that will jeopardize our vision of a greater Biase. Lets our Communities continue in the path of peaceful coexistence and inter communal activities that will promote love, peace, development and sustainable growth.

I am grateful and thankful for your supports and prayers so far, and i look forward to a more fulfilling days and months ahead of us.
As your leader, i will continuously do my best to attract the presence of government to our land. Ensuring that we get that which we deserve as a people.

May this new month mark a start of a greater Biase And a fresh chapter filled with peace, love, prosperity and sustainable growth to us all.
Happy new month my people, i love you all.
Hon Mrs Ada Charles.


Today marks the international workers day celebration, and it has become a historic significance all over the world and celebrated by the Labor unions worldwide.

Workers with their commitment and efforts, have united to make our Nation’s economy ranked among the global economies, and indeed they deserve the honour for the work they do.

I therefore, cease this opportunity to expressed my gratitude and gratefulness to the true spirit of hard work exhibited by men and women who have tirelessly proven their worth through their commitment and efforts in their respective places of service.

It is of note, that in time past, workers get together and celebrate their strengths, which tend to indicate how effectively they always have been able to and will continue to struggle to bring in positive reforms for the working class of the society.

I therefore, urge us all to safeguard the working class in all respects that we can do. Though this day is celebrated internationally, we should not just deal with this day as a normal day, but also as the true dedication to honour the efforts and activities done by workers.

We should encourage everyone to celebrate this day and also appreciate the efforts of every worker out there, who through commitment to duty have made our economy stabilize.

To every son and daughter of Biase, I wish you a happy New Month. And decree greatness and overflowing grace in all that you do. May this month be another giant step closer to our expected glory.


The administration of the covid 19 vaccine, kickoff in Biase Local Government Council as the supervisor for health, Hon Mrs Mercy Amatey and others receives vaccine.

The vaccine which is currently being administered across the country has seen; Cottage Hospital Akpet central, Primary Health Centre Adim, Primary Health Center Ehom Central, Primary Health Center IKUN and Primary Health Center Umon Island as The five selected sites for COVID-19 Vaccination in Biase LGA.

You can visit this centers to receive your vaccine.

Biase Council Boss, Hon Mrs Ada Charles Begins the Month with God, As she Marks 2nd Solemn Assembly.

The executive chairman of Biase Local Government council Hon Mrs Ada Charles has declared in prayers divine settlement to the people of Biase.

A Cross section of the executive chairman Hon MRS ADA CHARLES, her vice Hon Bar Oyongo Ekpe and the leader of the 7th Assembly Hon Charles Eko Praying for the glory of God.

The chairman stated this while addressing the council staff after several hours of prayers at the Council secretariat during the Solemn Assembly, earlier today.

She further thanked God for the prevailing peace and unity in Biase and  thanked the ministers of God present, led by the Council Chaplain for their Ernest prayers, while appealing for more prayers.

Delivering a sermon at the event on the theme, “ Season Of Divine settlement”, drawn from 1 Peter 5:1-14, the chaplain, pastor Hope James encouraged the Biase people to keep their faith in God as He alone can cause their hope to come to fruitfulness, leading on a prophetic sessions of prayers, he declared Biase Local Government settled both in the spirit and otherwise.

The executive chairman Of Biase, communing and celebrating in God’s presence.


The chairman of Biase Local Government council Hon Mrs Ada Charles, Celebrates Christmas with the people of Biase.

In her words, “spending my little with my people gives me Joy…….”

The chairman who organize a Christmas get together party in her council residence, expressed her satisfaction in the smiles and happiness of all the people present. She further share gift items, ranging from 5kg bags of rice, salts to Biase sons and daughters who attended the get together party.

The chairman also share a paltry sum, to the entertainers who added colour to the event with their humor, dance and special displays.

Speaking to one of the attendees, this is what he has to say; “…… I have never met a kind hearted leader as our chairman, I was shock to see her humility and love, sharing her time and resources to see the people of Biase smile……

The get together which started with dance and then sharing of dinner and drinks, ended with satisfaction written all over the face of attendees.


Hon Mrs Ada Charles Rehabilitate and Maintain roads in the council quarters, Akpet central and Ugbem/Ukupeyire roads.

Ugbem/Ukupeyire road

The emergency response project, hopes to ameliorate the bad condition of this two access route, to meet the burgeoning demand for a comfortable drive and evening strolling by commuters and community dwellers.

Akpet central roads

To this end, the project has specifically met the maintenance needs of this roads.

Work in progress